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    A Look at the Huntington School District

    The Huntington school district offers students a path into an integrated program. This program develops strong academic and social skills through original and innovative teaching techniques. These approaches run the gamut from inquiry, critical thinking, relevant learning, balanced literacy, differentiated instruction and cooperative learning. The schools in the Huntington school district fully believe in this integrated and holistic approach to education.

    In fact, 100 schools were polled and for SAT and AP test scores. The Huntington school district, overall, was ranked 31 out of 100 for SAT scores, and 46 out of 100 for AP test scores. And if you want more impressive stats look no further than this blog! A 2015-2016 brochure on the Huntington school district outlined some staggeringly awesome statistics.

    For example, 100% of the students in the expanded accelerated math program scored at the college and career readiness level on the NYS Common Core AlgebraRegents, with nearly 70% scoring at levels 4 and 5. Also, 91% of Huntington graduates are attending competitive colleges and universities. And, the parents will love this one, 2015 graduates earned more than $18 million in scholarships and grants. There are many reasons to call Huntington your home. If your child’s education matters to you, count great schools among those reasons to call Huntington home.


    *Statistics quoted from Huntington School District 2015-2016 Brochure.

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