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    Dix Hills — One of the Best Places to Live

    Convenience — it is king. Why? Because we live busy and bustling lives that are filled with responsibilities, deadlines and a little bit of leisure time. Our days are packed to the brim, and when people do the things they want, they want those things to be easy and come naturally.

    Kristin Taveira wrote a piece for Newsday.com about the best places to live in New York. Taveira highlighted the mid-island area of long island as an ideal location to find your home. She says:

    No matter where people want to get to — a highway, a park, shops or public
    transit stops — they overwhelmingly say they want an easy time getting there,
    according to a community preferences survey by the National Association of
    Realtors and researchers at Portland State University in Oregon.

    That’s phenomenal insight into what people need and want from their home’s location. Well, as it turns out, Long Island’s Dix Hills meets the needs and wants of potential homeowners. Taveira’s insight continues as she explains the Dix Hills residents, “enjoy the tranquility of living in an almost entirely residential enclave of grassy properties on winding roads, largely uninterrupted by commercial development.” But the versatility of Dix Hills is addresses in her follow up sentence, “Yet in a matter of minutes, they can be traveling on a major roadway, or shopping, dining and entertaining themselves in one of the numerous nearby retail hubs that conveniently serve the community without intruding on it.”

    Dix Hills is also home to a brand new welcome center. Lt. Gov. Kathleen Hochul is quoted in Taveira’s piece as saying, “’There’s literature. There’s apps you can download. People who can answer questions. There’s food you can buy. You’re gonna buy food from a place and say I want to visit that farm and I want to go to that winery.’” Taveira ends her piece with a simple and seductive sentence, “There are also kiosks inside where you can renew your driver’s license.” I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like the future is here — and I love it. In a world where convenience may be king but is seldom experienced, Dix Hills New York is a one-of-a-kind place.

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