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    Huntington — A Cultural Hub in the Heart of Long Island

    “The bustling family- and singles-friendly neighborhood known as Huntington Village is neither incorporated nor an official government entity. But this restaurant-laden, shopper-happy 36-square-block cosmopolitan oasis is popular with residents and tourists as the downtown hub and the unofficial capital of the town of Huntington.” That is how Marcelle S. Fischler of The New York Times’ glowing report on life in Huntington begins. And it’s true: Huntington, New York is a cultural oasis for family friendly excursions, and for singles looking to unwind after a week (or just a night) of hard work.

    The Long Island Press reported on Huntington’s red-hot restaurant, Swallow. This piece delved deeply into just one exciting component of Huntington’s bustling food and night-life scene. Journalist Beverly Fortune writes:

    [Chef James] Tchinnis opened Swallow Restaurant in the heart of Huntington Village in 2010 to rave reviews, and it quickly became such a popular destination that a brief renovation tripling its seating capacity became a must. His cuisine focuses on casual, sophisticated, New American fare with a dash of decadence and an emphasis on local ingredients.

    Chef Tchinnis is clearly doing something right if he has to TRIPLE the size of his seating. The community is vibrant and has something for everyone. Fischler’s piece for The Times quotes Daniel Gale of Sotheby’s International Realty’s Huntington office as saying life in Huntington is like “living in a New England town rather than suburbia.”

    Indeed, Huntington is packed with cultural cachet. Fischler writes, “In January, the Long Island Index, which compiles data about the region, concluded in a report that the future of the Island depended on creating vibrant downtowns with affordable housing, and named Huntington Village, with its 352 storefronts, one of the Island’s most popular.” Well, here’s to Huntington, New York — dare we say, the leader of Long Island’s future.

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