Sandra Bianco: An Expert Agent with Love for the Local Community

Sandra “Sandy” Bianco is a passionate and educated expert in real estate. Her innate expertise is bolstered by her 30 years experience in the field. Bianco has experience and facility with representing buyers and sellers alike. She is a skilled negotiator, and those skills come from a natural desire to help people solve problems. She listens to and learns from her clients just as expertly as she communicates their needs. And ultimately, Bianco helps her clients meet their goals.

Sandra Bianco’s passion and pride are homegrown; she’s been a Huntington resident for the past 24 years. This affords her with a deep and unparalleled knowledge of the town she calls home, and specializes in representing. Bianco will acquaint you with the bountiful beauty and amenities offered in and around the area.

Bianco’s expertise lies in her attention to detail. Buyers and sellers alike can trust Bianco to prepare them for the most important decisions that may pop up along the way. Bianco is — in many ways — Huntington, New York. She is a polished professional who thrives in the fast-paced New York world. But she is also a down-home (and down-to-earth) person with a warm heart; and she is only a phone call away. Sandra Bianco is here for you — enthusiasm, experience and expertise included!

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