Home Enhancement Guide

    A buyer’s first impression occurs as they drive up to your home and experience its ‘Curb Appeal’. Creating a pleasing, inviting visual impact from the street is an important factor, not to be underestimated. The following are some simple suggestions for enhancing your home’s exterior appeal.

    • Remove all clutter, such as toys, newspapers and yard tools.
    • Pick up after your pets.
    • Keep the lawn well maintained, with all hedges & shrubs trimmed.
    • Remove all dead or dying plants.
    • Clean grease or oil spots on the driveway.
    • Freshly painted exteriors provide a huge impact leaving the home looking clean and crisp.
    • Repair or replace anything that looks old or worn, such as fences, front door or porch details.
    • Front doors welcome buyers to your home. Decorate them seasonally or place colorful potted plants nearby.
    • A well maintained roof has a huge impact on property value.
    • Leave the driveway clear. Park your vehicles in the garage or on the street.
    • Add color everywhere with potted plants and flowers.

    Appealing to the senses has a huge impact on prospective buyers, but doesn’t need to have a huge impact on your pocketbook. Keep your home smelling fresh, clean and fill it with light.

    • Well-lit homes promote a sense of well-being. Keep windows clean, open the drapes and blinds.
    • Make beds; clean up dishes; empty wastebaskets; put away toys. Vacuum and dust.
    • Repair or replace worn carpets and drapes.
    • Clean smudges or marks on walls. Nothing brightens a room more than fresh paint.
    • Keep colors a neutral light shade. Colorful accents may be added with flowers or area rugs & pillows.
    • Set a comfortable temperature.
    • Freshen the air; potpourri or baked bread aroma, and deodorize pet areas.
    • Light a fire in the fireplace when appropriate.
    • Foyer: Welcome your buyers with a pleasant, appealing entry atmosphere. Floors should shine.
    • Kitchens are the most important room in the house. If it is out of date, it might be worth considering some minor updates. Replace old cabinet hardware, spruce up the cabinets & replace outdated fixtures.
    • Arrange fresh flowers throughout the home.


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